Don’t you miss the days when pizza was less than a quarter? Oh yeah, that was today!

May 8, 2008 - 2 Responses

While at a Washington Wizards game last week, the Cavs were playing when about 12 or so people came to the game wearing Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys with the number 23 on back (Lebron James’ number) and the name Crybaby emblazoned above it. And in the corner, a Papa Johns Pizza logo was shown.

From what I here, a local owner created about twenty jerseys after a previous game where James had been complaining over several fouls during the game. As you can imagine, this made an excessive number of Fans boycott the pizzeria altogether.

Papa Johns (CEO I think?), fearing lack of business, made a public apology to the team and fans for the offensive shirt, and as such, set forth the date of today, May 8, as the day when any Cav’s fans could purchase a large one-topping pizza for just 23 cents.

Pizza supplies were sent in from other parts of the country to prepare for the flood of pizza-goers and the ingredients were frozen until needed.

When I came home today, we saw a three car accident (not too bad though) in the turning lane outside of one restaurant, and upon seeing this, saw the huge line of people ranging from out the door, down the sidewalk about maybe 80 feet or something (I really am not good at guessing numbers, like at all) and into the parking lot of a church. If you were in that line, I’m sure you’d be waiting for at least 2 1/2 hours.


Apparently, Papa Johns had miscalculated the amount of buyers because my dad said that at about 2:00 pm, a lot of restaurants were going to have to close early soon enough because they’d only stocked for about 1000 or so pizzas extra.

My sister also told me that sometime between 11:30 and 12 a girl in her history class took out her phone and called in a pizza so it would hopefully be ready when school let out and get it about 2:30.

And to top it all off, they got plenty of free advertising from local news anchors and such which just goes to show, if you want pizza for a cheap price, go to an away game and support the other team. (joking people!). :mrgreen:

Papa John’s 23-cent pizzas

Happy Earth Day

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Okay, so even though this post says that it is probably the 23rd, it’s actually the 22nd, k?

so’z um yeah, today is Earth Day.  It wasn’t really much different except for a few things.  I’d actually forgotten that today was Earth day until I was at lunch.  I sit like diagonal from my friend (kind of annoying) Zach, and then he mentioned it.

“Hey, remember today is Earth Day.”

“Oh yeah, forgot, not really important, though.”

“Yes it is! This is the day when you try to be planet-friendly.  It’s Earth Day; treat everybody like dirt.

“Haha” 😆

Yeah, there’s a little joke.  Also, this wasn’t really funny but it kind of was because this one girl in one of my classes, her birthday was today, and she was getting really annoyed that some kids wanted to sing happy birthday.

And then my sister told me that in one of her classes, they were having a debate over whether or not Earth Day meant that it was the Earth’s birthday.

I wish I could’ve done what she’d mentioned about some other kids.  Run down the halls screaming with your friends “Save the whales!” and sticking your head in classroom doors.  During block schedule classes.

Haha! OMGosh! You have to try this:

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First, go to

Second, type in the search bar “find Chuck Norris“.

Third, click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button instead of the search one.

**Make sure to read the whole page not just the main results.**

Ugh, and wtf-t?

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Okay, so I have good news and bad news: the bad news is I have a cold.  The good news is I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Yes soz I have a cold ’cause my sister has been pretty sick lately so um yeah.  And then I felt like crap today at school but I stayed ’cause I know I’m going to be missing tomorrow anyway for a doctor’s appointment.

But um yeah, second thing, so I logged onto wordpress and I had a new record of 134 people today whereas yesterday was 7.  And so I was all like “what the french-toast? What happened?” Turns out there’s like some link on fark that brought people here (it was in a comment or something I think).  But um yeah, that’s the good news.

Kay, now I’m gonna continue sitting here and do absolutely nothing for another hour and a half.

Ciao, everyone.

This is my happy dinosaur Xavier :D

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Xavier ran away

We’re getting a new page!!! HOUSE M.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, all that I can say first off is that I hope you like the show House M.D. by Fox. (created by David Shore).

Um, so yeah, the reason that I say that is because I’m adding an 8th page called House. 😀

Just gonna throw this in now before I forget: there are 7 pages already, because of the theme though, there are 2 that you have to scroll over beneath the others in the white space to see the names, or you can just look at the very bottom of this site where the whole sidebar thing is and seem them all listed there.

Okay, yeah, now back to what I was saying. I’m adding a new page called House because I’m totally obsessed with that show and it was only a matter of time. :mrgreen: Also, if you watch House M.D., then you should know that I am a Huddy – House/Cuddy – fan, however, I prefer Hameron – House/Cameron – like 10 times more (sorry, I just do 😉 )

And, so’z um yeah, I will have like a ton of videos from youtube on there, majority will probably be music videos of Hameron or Huddy – but not all 😉 . Also, I will have an entire list of every episode in order. And um, pictures, and, um, yeah, other stuff too, I think. 😀

Warning: I have not watched any of the season 4 episodes yet because I wasn’t interested in House when season 4 started and have bad luck with timing. So I’m telling you now, if you tell me anything major (little bits are okay 🙂 ), I’m sorry that I’m going to have to kill you. Haha, just kidding, you can tell me any spoilers you want. 😛  But, no really, I haven’t seen any of  Season 4 😦

:mrgreen: Churros! :mrgreen:

Lactose, Falcons, and Italy

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So this is kind of a long story. But I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just start here with today, no really, this is the shortened story. (Yes, the title is all about today).

Well, today I missed school because my mom took me to get a lactose test. First, I had to not eat or drink anything after midnight, couldn’t brush my teeth this morning either, and then go to the hospital and sit in this little room. There was like a t.v., coloring books, kids videos (barney and stuff), and some drawings on the wall. On that same wall, was this machine. The lady came in and had me breathe into a bag with a syringe like thing on the end. Then, she put it in the machine, and after a few minutes, a little red light turned on, and showed the number two.

The nurse said that you just add on twenty after whichever number you get (between 1 and 20 – 2 in my case), and if the machine ever showed a number higher than that, (22 for me), it meant that you were lactose intolerant. However, it never went above 4 for me, so I’m not.

After, I breathed into the bag, I had to drink a cup of water with powered lactose or whatever mixed in. Then, every half hour I breathed into the bag again and it measured it. There was also a second number that showed how much methane gas I had in my stomach, but that’s not really important. Me and my mom were there for like two and a half hours by the time it got started and ended.

The nurse told me that everyone has bacteria in their stomachs that break down the sugar in lactose and the waste of the bacteria is Hydrogen which is what can cause problems for some people. If you have a larger number of bacteria in your stomach than you should though, it will give off more Hydrogen, thus, making you sick, and that it what happens when you’re lactose intolerant.

Alright, now that I’m done talking about the smarticle part of the story, I’ll move onto the Falcons.

We were on the eleventh of twelve floors in the hospital. Now, as most people know, there are three things about falcons: they are shy; they are not very common birds, especially in big cities; and they do not live near the ground. As it turns out, there was a nest on the top of the building, and there were 1 female, and 1 male that lived there. Unfortunately, I never got to see either of the falcons (wahhhhh!!!), but perhaps I was a bit distracted…

There were about a dozen pictures on that wall that little kids had drawn and/ or colored. Inspired by this, I decided to draw my own picture. Now I’m not exactly what you’d call “talented” when it comes to drawing and can only draw about three things well: koalas, lobsters, and palm trees. I wanted to make a good drawing. I decided to draw a palm tree because I like drawing those. Then, I decided that a lobster would fit in only too well with the beach scenery and added an animal. The lobster was not in it 🙂 . So I put my picture of my palm tree with a sideways sleeping koala on top of it on the table next to the machine. One of the nurses came back to see how the test was going, saw my picture, laughed, and asked me if I drew it. I said yes. She laughed again, and took it back to show the other nurses. My so-called “creative” picture now hangs proudly on the wall in front to, and I quote, “inspire the other kids to be creative as well.”

After the test was over, my mom and I left to go get lunch seeing as it was like 11:15 and I hadn’t eaten or drank anything in like 12 hours or so. We drove around for a bit and eventually stopped in Little Italy to get lunch. Me and my mom both got turkey subs on big kaiser rolls, a drink, and a bag of chips. My mom decided to go there because she used to stop with the ambulance when she worked with the EMS in this city and knew the owner. After we paid and got our food, she told the owner who she was (worked for the EMS 20+/- years ago) and he remembered. Then he said he had only seen one other person. This was funny because my parents still talk to this guy because he is now working at a local ski resort where we are like every winter weekend. After eating out on the patio, we got a large, authentic Italian pizza for my dad and sister to try. It obviously wasn’t ready so we walked up and down the street looking at stores and campuses for a few minutes.

Before we got to Little Italy, my mom drove around and showed me places nearby. There was a park and some really nice old houses set back in the woods and stuff. All the places were like covered in vines and there was almost always people walking around the park area with dogs and kids. Some of the places seemed like they would be nice places to live. I don’t think I would want to though just because i like the suburbs. But I bet a lot of other people enjoy it.

After we got home, my mom and I split a slice in half and tried the pizza, it was sooo good. My dog liked the crust to. We took her for a walk b/c the weather was so nice and got home just before my sister did from school. All in all, not a bad day to be out of school.

You gotta see this….

April 6, 2008 - One Response

So a couple days ago, I was on yrtm’s blog, and she had this link on a post. It’s a 360 degree view of a plane (airbus a380). It’s awesome, you can like zoom in to read panels on the ceiling and stuff too. It let’s you see like everything inside of it (notice the joysticks instead of steering wheels?). Anyway, I wanted to post it here for future references and because I thought it was pretty cool. I showed it to my dad because I thought he’d find it interesting since he used to work on airplanes (repairs and the like) a while ago, and he said the same thing, so yeah, pretty cool.


April 5, 2008 - One Response

Ugh, I logged into word-press to add a new song to the music page and I see this whole new set up.  If anyone else has a word-press, then you probably know what I mean when I say that this is confusing because they changed everything around and I can’t find anything that I want.

Alright, I gotta go find my videos page. Byez!

April Fool’s Day Prank!

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Alright here is a good prank to pull on somebody at the office, or in my case, a teacher at school.  This is also quite easy to do and very entertaining if you can see their reaction.

First off, what you do is go to the yellow pages in your phone book and look up a local mortuary or funeral home.

 Second, On a small  piece of paper, such as, a post-it note, write a message saying that a woman named Myra Maines has called and requested you call her back.  Remember, do not tell them where they have called!

Third, leave the note on a desk and get away.

Then, your “victim” will call the funeral home and say something like, “Could I please speak to Myra Maines?”, which sounds a lot like “my remains”.

Tip: Do not put your name on the note.

And remember, have fun, don’t get caught, and play as many pranks as possible.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!