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so’z um yes
February 27, 2008

yes, this post is short, sweet and to the point, unlike yesterdays,  so’z um yes. I had another snow-day today.  It wasn’t too so bad, and yes by the way, I do know that that sentence does not make any sense. I am now out of snowdays, so in other words, I’m hoping for another one tomorrow. Seriously, I am. So’z um yes, ok byez.

Guess Who Got a Snowday Today?
February 1, 2008

SoOoOo…guess what? I got a snowday today? How did you know? Oh, you read the title. Yes, well, anyway, I think that the worst snow days are the days where you get off, but there isn’t even any snow. It all already melted. 😦  It was more of the fact that it snowed a little bit and we had like really freezing temperatures.  I think that we got off because they wouldn’t have been able to clear off all of the ice off of the buses for the people who ride them in time for school.

 I was also really mad about the fact that we had off.  There are a few reasons for this:

 1.) It’s Friday! I already did my homework last night.

 2.) I wanted off Monday even if I had to do my h.w. because it’s a 3 day weekend and then I probably would have had to take a test today 10th period and now on Monday, I’m not going to remember anything.

 3.) When you’re in high school, they rarely let you go on field trips.  And guess what day I was supposed to go on a field trip. Yep, today.

Um, yeah alot, i also like saying “um”, so, um, yeah….
January 16, 2008

So much to say! Okay I don’t really know where to start, so I’m just gonna start listing off random things I want to say, one at a time.



*Froot Loops



*Early Release/Beach



Midterms-Yesterday, I had my first period exam.  For the first semester, I had Health class.  It was a really easy test.  What my teacher did was he took a bunch of questions from the unit test and copied them exactly onto this one.  I had a feeling he was going to do that so I looked them all over, like I said, it was really easy.  Today, was my second day of it.  I had an algebra one first.  The bad news: I forgot my cheat sheet in my locker so I couldn’t use it. (We spent two days in class making them.  The good news: I had my calculator.  Way better than a piece of paper any day. It really wasn’t too difficult either.  Then I had Spanish.  We did the listening and writing portion of it in class yesterday so all we had to do was the written part.  I got confused but apparently it’s called “Written” because it’s multiple choice and the answers are already “written”.  40 easy questions from the first month of school.  Phew.  After that, I went to Science.  We passed in out graduation test practice books and binders to be graded and then he gave us a lecture and passed out the tests to explain them.  I had a note card I could use too.  And let me tell you, use it I did.  BIG help on that test.  So after that, we got out of school early around noon-ish.   Tomorrow I have Theatre(still have to make a note card), Language Arts, and then History.  Theatre, I’m not sure about because we never really did much, so I don’t know terms that good.  The only hard one I can remember is soliloquy.  It’s like when one actor(ess) is making a long speech that the other characters on stage apparently don’t hear or notice, but it gives info to the audience.  Language Arts will be fine because it’s just reading passages and answering questions – we’ve been doing practice tests.  History, um yeah, I might have a problem there.  He gave us this study quide(front and back paper) and I only know about five of those terms out of like 40 or 50.  Um, yeah, I’ll have to let you know how I blow that one.  And then again tomorrow we get early release at about noon-ish.


Snowboarding – We went skiing on Saturday and me and my sister have been asking my parents to sign us up for snowboarding lessons.  We’ve both been skiing the same hills for about 9 years and we want a challenge.  The best part, first lesson is Saturday morning 😀


Froot loops – I’m eating froot loops right now.  Guess which color? Highlight for answer à orange


Mooseburgers – Tonight at this youth club at my church, the dinner theme is The Northern Lights. For dinner:

*Mooseburgers a.k.a. hamburgers

*French fries a.k.a. French fries

*Blueberries – yes – just blueberries.

*Eskimo Pies a.k.a. ice cream sandwich

*and pop.


Early Release/Beach – Um, yes, for early release, please see above “Midterms”. We’re going to the beach this summer for my grandmother’s 80th birthday (she loves swimming), and we have finally narrowed it down to a few different beach houses.  I’ll let you know how this goes:putting my aunt and uncle(who seem to be trying to get out of it) in charge.


Cursive – Did you know that they have stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive in schools?!? I didn’t! I recently found this out and I think that it stinks!!!

Ahh! Help!The Roosters Stole My Pudding!
December 19, 2007

I’m feeling a bit on the hash brown side today. Wanna guess why? Wanna guess why this makes no sense?

    Oh fine, alright I’ll tell you. Um, I said I’d tell you….you can stop begging now…. O.k., seriously, that’s enough. (Sheesh, some people just never learn. Some people even argue with themselves. I know, weird right?) K. well the answer is *drum rolling rooster* : I have no idea! I’m just in a good mood because *drum rolling rooster’s brother appears* :It is 4:12 p.m. and I am out of school for another two weeks! WoOt WoOt! Getting bored of the roosters now aren’t you? Anyway…I have youth club at my church tonight so I’ll probably be leaving soon. Oh yeah, and here’s the funny part: I had a snow day on Monday and they didn’t. *grins* Darn it! I actually had a good post in mind like five minutes ago but the dumb roosters made me forget, ugh.

*5 minutes pass*

    I remembered. Well, we, that is to say me and my friends, Loryn, Kaity, Garrett, and Jorge, we’ve been doing a puppet show in Intro-To-Theatre and we presented today(It was my idea to put in the Fastfod Freestyle from Youtube). I think that my friends think that I’m odd because I said I was going to take my (tube) sock puppet and wear it while I was talking in Spanish class and they just kind of stared at me. Loryn laughed when I showed her my festive peanut butter sandwich (it had sprinkles!).  I don’t get it, it would be funny. My teacher’s just standing there talking and I’m sitting there repeating everything she says with the puppet. And she favors me too for some reason, so as long as she doesn’t see, she wouldn’t care. Yes, that doesn’t make sense, the pudding already told me. But I’m pretty sure that someone would have told her eventually. Hmm, must remember to post pics of the puppets and my health tee that I still haven’t made yet up.

    In other news[this is wear I list a bunch of random stuff]: the second quarter edition of my school’s newspaper came out today and the *my theatre teachers name here*ism is: “Too much mistletoe in December, can lead to a big mistake in September.” That one took me a minute but then I remembered that December to September is 9 months. *hint hint*

    I actually have the other edition right here so I’ll post the first quarter one, it said: “It’s better to have candy on Halloween, than roses on Sweetest Day. Halloween won’t break your heart.” I think that the other one was funnier. Also, I was waiting for sister to pick me up after school yesterday, and one of my neighbors, Jaime, came out of the building. He took one look at me and shouted “Oh my God! *my full name here* had detention!” I did not have detention. Jaime is like a rebellious kid who might not finish high school – and I’m not. So then, today I was at my locker, when the 10th period late bell rang and I closed and was walking through the cafeteria and I ran into him again. He just sort of stared at me for a second in shock because I, obviously, was late too. He doesn’t know this, but I was like almost a minute away from my class. Either way, all I have to say is this: School fees : $125 , messenger bag : $25 – Seeing the look on his face : priceless.

    I have more stuff to post but the pudding limit on my mom’s car is almost full (the rooster said it first!) so I must save it for some other posts. iAdios Amigos!

The Snows on the Other Foot Now….
December 17, 2007

    Well, I’m happy.  It snowed a lot this weekend and it finally stopped on Sunday night 😐  I was kind of disappointed – no I was really disappointed.  I soOoOo wanted a snow day.  😦 I sort of thought we’d have one but I sort of thought we wouldn’t.  And I really didn’t want to jinx it- I mean what if we got lucky?.  My dad was like so totally positive we’d have school and my sister was just as much sure we wouldn’t have school.

 6:00 am – Monday morning- December 17.

I was half awake under my covers and blankets; I’d taken a shower the night before so I could straighten my hair.

The phone rings. :mrgreen:

 My sister Jennifer, picks it up.   The automated school call comes through.

Phone: Hello, this is Mr. Jim *****, superintendent of ********* city schools.  This call is to inform all parents and students that due to increment weather, there will be no school for today, December, er – Hey! What’s today? What’s the date?…. – for today December 17, 2007.  Thank you and have a nice day. 😳

My sister thinks he was calling the radio stations and stuff at the same time.  And better yet, my dad was wrong, luckily 🙂

Yes ❗

Updates, Joke, and the Coolest Thing You’ll Read Today.
December 15, 2007

Alright, so I’ve got some stuff that I want to post today. The first thing is the updates just because I haven’t posted in a long time. Well, let’s see here, um, there hasn’t been toOoOo much stuff going on lately. I do have some fun stuff in my life though happening soon. First of all, I only Have 3 more days of school left ❗ 😀 And it gets better I think. See, we did have snow but lately it has all melted. And now today it’s snowing a lot right now. And On Sunday we’re supposed to have about 8-12 inches in just a few hours! I might have a snow day on Monday! :mrgreen: We normally don’t get snow-days because of how much snow accumulates during the season, but hey, I can still hope can’t I? 😉 So yeah, I’m really looking forward to that. Also, I’ve got two weeks off for Christmas (I Heart Christmas!!!!). 😀 And then later, my cousins, aunts and uncles, are coming afterwards. My parents are working on Christmas Eve and my mom might be working a couple hours on Christmas so people aren’t stuck with over-time (she’s a full-time fire-fighter and paramedic). This means that we will be celebrating Christmas with my grandma a little bit earlier (this Saturday). Unfortunately, like the week after I am back in school, we have mid-terms 😦 And uh, yeah, that’s about it for updates right now.

O.K. next is a forwarded email that I thought was funny and relevant to what I’m writing after this:

A Japanese doctor says, ‘Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take kidneys out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.” A German doctor says, “That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.” A British doctor says, “In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half of a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.” The New York doctor not to be outdone, says, “You guys are way behind. We are going to take a woman with no brains out of New York; put her in the White House and then half the country will be looking for work.

Well, that is probably funny if you don’t want Hilary Clinton in office. Anyway, the last part of this post is an article on the internet. Basically, Korea has been working on some genetic experiments to try and develop treatments for genetic diseases. They were doing one particular experiment involving the cloning of twin cats. They have a fluorescent protein gene in them. The cool thing about these two cats is that one of their side effects of these proteins, is that when exposed to ultraviolet light (also known as black lights), the cats glow in the dark. That’s pretty much the cool thing. If you want to read the full article,with pics, click here.

P.S. I just remembered, I’m doing a t-shirt for health class and I’m going to wear it on Tuesday(for 50 extra credit points! Take that you B+!). It’s a shirt to encourage teens to stay sexually abstinent. I haven’t made it yet, but I’ll show you the pictures later. K, byez everyone. 😛

~esmilita – beware the hidden epidemic of the purple paper hats!

This Was My Painting
December 14, 2007

I think that it is pretty cool. You take a personality test and it makes a painting based on your answers. Just go here. I know I haven’t wrote much but with school, the holiday, and everything else, it’s really difficult. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, so that means I’ll be posting again then. In other news, we’re going to be getting a big snow storm soon. 😀

Click here to create your own painting.

I took it again.  It was still similar, but I like this one better.

The Theatre Skit
November 9, 2007

Ok, first I have to say this: I’m sorry that I haven’t been making any new posts on anything lately. But that’s really not my fault. I have had a lot of work to do lately and just received another project today. Ugh. But on the upside, I do have a new post that was an idea of school.

All of this week, and a few days last week in Intro-To-Theatre, we have been planning our own short skits and today we presented our final skits to the rest of the class. The skit that I’m going to show (in script form) was created by three other girls in my class.

I’ve got to warn you now; this skit was made for two reasons only. 1.) This was made as a project. 2.) Entertainment. This was not supposed to be offensive, just funny. My mom thought that it was sacrilegious. If you get offended easily, or you’re my dad, I wouldn’t suggest reading it. But it’s only a suggestion :p

The three people that made it our Leanne, Kelly, and Tara.

Leanne and Kelly are sitting in church. Leanne is on the left, and Kelly is in the center seat. Tara hurries in late and sits down next to Kelly, who, until this point, had been bored and slumped in her seat. Now she perks up and Leanne is still listening intently.

Tara: What did I miss?

Leanne: Not much, the pastor is just finishing his two minute rant about how he missed breakfast this morning.

Kelly: I wonder what pastors eat for breakfast. Do you think they have a bowl of Holy-O’s?

Tara: I bet they have a glass of wine on the side.

Kelly: Or in the cereal. That would explain why he’s always so full of the cup of the lord if you know what I mean.

Leanne: Shh! Mrs.Wheeler is staring at us!

Tara: No she’s not. Besides, she’s blind as a bat.

Leanne She probably still knows that it’s us talking!

Tara: Who cares?

Kelly looks over at her and waves like in the Little Rascals. :mrgreen:

Leanne begins to pay attention again and Kelly and Tara slump down in their seats uninterested. A few moments pass.

Kelly: I wonder if when the world ends, God will run through a field of flowers naked.

Tara: Cool! That would make God a hippie!

Leanne: Will you two be quiet?!

Kelly: (Ignoring her). I bet he has like an acoustic guitar and everything.

Tara: Yeah, you’re right!

Kelly: Hey, if God was a hippie, then wouldn’t that make Jesus a punk-rocker?

Tara: Jesus must have been like, “No dad, I don’t wanna die! Ugh, fine!”

Kelly: Yeah and Mary was one of those stay-at-home moms who wears business suits. “Jesus, breakfast is ready!”

Tara: And Jesus was all “Mom, I told you to call me Jose!”

Leanne: Oh my G….

Kelly&Tara: Yeah do it! Say it! Say oh my God!

Leanne: No, I will not take the Lord’s name in vain.

Tara: Fine,…partypooper.

After a few moments of silence….

Tara: I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go get a hymnal, these tunes are kind of catchy.

Kelly: Psst! Leanne, come to the bathroom with me.

Leanne: No, go by yourself.

Kelly: Oh come on, these bathrooms are like freaking Harry Potter!

Leanne: No ghost is going to come out of the toilet and bite you in the butt.

Kelly: Fine, I’ll hold it.

Tara: Back.

Tara: ….I bet Satan’s a nerd.

Kelly: What?

Tara: Yeah, you know, ‘cause people always say someday nerds will rule the world.

Kelly: Oh my God! Bill Gates is Satan!

Leanne can’t take it anymore and finally cracks. She jumps up and starts shouting.

Leanne: Oh my God! Will you two shut up? You’re so disrespectful!

Kelly and Tara make crosses on their faces and pretend to be praying and acting all innocent as Leanne stalks off and the scene ends.