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Interesting Article && We’re Running Out of Snow-days.
February 26, 2008

The Second bit, which is the first bit, therefore becoming the first bit, although it was first the second bit, even though it’s now the first bit, is that today, Tuesday, February whatever, 2008, is that we had our fourth snow-day today. By the way, how come Word doesn’t have a unicorn font type? I’m sorry, but I was just typing and now I’m pretty curious, ugh I bothers me!….K, now I’m over it. But there should still be swirly little letters and stuff. Okay, back to today, um yeah, so we like only have one more snow-day left for this school year. Last year, they ran out of snow-days because of like bomb threats by stupid kids (wearing that football jerseys with their name on the back!) and had other days off and stuffs too. So then, they ended up having to make up four days. For two weeks, they started school like an hour early or something, I think. And then, they still had two more days which they just went on into the summer. My sister said that she really didn’t care getting up early though. I decided I probably wouldn’t let it get to me anyway. Probably. Oh, and next week, she doesn’t have to come in to school until like 10 o’clock, whereas all the Freshmen and Sophmores have to come in for state tests and test practice ( not in that order). Tuesday is an election day though so that’s cool, another day off. It’s funny because just yesterday, I was thinking to myself, “man, all of the snow is melting. Oh well, I like Spring, and I miss blue skies”. And so then, I wake up this morning, hear my sister not believing something my dad said, and then hear “…so you can go back to bed because the superintendent just called a snow-day, but go look at the t.v. to make sure it’s not fake”. And I’m just laying there like, what the heck? I have another snow-day today? Haha! Yes! And then I fell asleep again. (Don’t you just love how I go from subject to subject about the same overall subject in one subject of the subject to another subject of the main subject? And use confuzing words and sentnces?

Alright so then, I woke up at like 8:59, went back to sleep and got up at 9:41 and a few minutes later was down stairs. I don’t really remember what happened. And then I go into the kitchen from our living room, Omg, seven steps from the couch to the doorway is so far! But yeah, my mom and sister are talking about some article, and then they tell me to read it and I’m like “Okay”.

So yes, I’m going to rewrite/summarize the article (somethings will stay the same though, just not names and places and such).


He was a Police Chief who stirred up the strangest mystery this mini-city had ever witnessed. One day, he just disappeared out of thin air, trailing behind some clues and plenty of interest. They all said he would come back.

More than twenty years later, and he is still missing.

Jackson at the time was a detective at the police department, and was sure within hours after starting the search that the police chief had begun, that he had planned his own mysterious escape. He had left a few clues to show that he had planned to leave.

Smith’s plan worked great.

“He knew I’d see through it,” Jackson said.

Aside from being a co-worker, they had been friends, and the clues had been left just for him because he would be the one to investigate the case.

Jackson can picture Smith laughing as he placed the cigarette butt in the toilet, knowing that his friend would have to fish it out with a glove.

It all began on Monday, July 29, 1985, Smith never came into work. The next day, his Toyota would be found on the shore of Park’s Lake a little while away. He had left inside, neatly stacked, his clothes, badge, towel, and wallet.

Your first thought may have been that he had drowned, that is not so, though. In reality, it was the first clue.

Apparently, Smith hated the water but had left his shoes and clothes on the beach, he couldn’t even go swimming because of a skin condition. He had gotten radiation burns from the sun while serving for the Military out west.

The weekend before not going to work, he had told his girlfriend he was going to Target to get a bathing suit and go swimming with out of town friends. Later after going to the store, Jackson found out that the store didn’t even sell bathing suits.

What was more, at his office, everything was normal excluding the fact that one drawer was empty except for his labeled apartment key. His home was the same too, all except for the fact that the fridge only held mayonnaise, there was plenty of cat food for his pets left out, his long-sleeved shirts (to cover burns) were gone, as were his poetry book, and manuscript for a murder mystery he was writing.

On his table, was a note to get laundry from the dry cleaners back. In the pocket, were schedules for a tour bus and taxi that could take him to California. Another clue was one he may not have known about, a dispatcher took a ribbon out of the typewriter that had a letter to a friend saying he was fed up and soon would be thousands of miles away. But she never got the letter. The letter mentioned he most likely would never return.

A few years before, his brother died of cancer, and he was recently divorced, but he had gotten over it, was dating, and respected his job. Supposedly, he loved San Francisco, and could have gone there. His mother however thought he was endangered, scared, or maybe even murdered and would not have walked away from everything he loved just like that.

But all of that was nearly twenty three years ago, his mother is deceased, and few people remember him as well.

Jackson is different however and still thinks about him.

The most recent tip was about ten years ago when someone claims to have witnessed him in California at a restaurant.

Jackson is sure that Smith had assumed a false identity. Smith, a former FBI fingerprint classifier, could easily have pulled it off.

Jackson quit in 2001 and became head of security at a hospital, but never forgot the “notoriety” of investigating such a bizarre case, which was more or less national news. As it is, he still gets fake cards from posers. Jackson also thinks he may have told someone before he left but that they never told the police he had done so.

And to this day, his case goes on unsolved.


That wasn’t the exact article, I did change some words, places, names, adjectives, etc., but it is still very curious what happened. I think, he probably took a new identity, I’m not sure though because of how much the government invades nowadays compared to then, but still, you never know. What do you think?


Freaky Chinese Horoscope!
February 7, 2008






repost this


CHINESE HOROSCOPE(FREAKISHLY CORRECT) Un fortunately I have to write this in comments because wordpress is dumb. 😦

Countdown. O.K. Staarrttt…. NOW!
December 30, 2007

Well, as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ll just fill you in. My cousins, aunts, and uncles, and my one families dog, were visiting this weekend. Then today, my sister and mom were both working, so I figured, hey, they’re both at work and don’t want to anyway, let’s go see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I must say, I may have been the only teenagers there (maybe I think) but I did enjoy it 😉 Also, today, I’ve been working on a new page for this blog! I can’t say much here, but I will tell you some. First off, the title – is “All”. And I really do mean all. Muhahaha, brb , just found a scary picture of an alpaca ❗


I’m working on the new page, and it will be awesome. I like the title, though. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. And I can now put Harry Potter stuff on my blog! 😀 Oh, and this is kind of off topic (big surprise there 😉 ) but if you have any blogs or cool sites, let me know, you can just put please go here or something and I will. I’m just curious to see others’ sites. PlzKThx. Hehe, oh and and I showed my one “collage” to my sister, who acts very mature, and even she was laughing a lot. I will be opening this page for everyone very soon. Like on January 4, 2008. Can’t wait! :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas!
December 21, 2007


\Merry Xmas from Ezzie/

Ahh! Help!The Roosters Stole My Pudding!
December 19, 2007

I’m feeling a bit on the hash brown side today. Wanna guess why? Wanna guess why this makes no sense?

    Oh fine, alright I’ll tell you. Um, I said I’d tell you….you can stop begging now…. O.k., seriously, that’s enough. (Sheesh, some people just never learn. Some people even argue with themselves. I know, weird right?) K. well the answer is *drum rolling rooster* : I have no idea! I’m just in a good mood because *drum rolling rooster’s brother appears* :It is 4:12 p.m. and I am out of school for another two weeks! WoOt WoOt! Getting bored of the roosters now aren’t you? Anyway…I have youth club at my church tonight so I’ll probably be leaving soon. Oh yeah, and here’s the funny part: I had a snow day on Monday and they didn’t. *grins* Darn it! I actually had a good post in mind like five minutes ago but the dumb roosters made me forget, ugh.

*5 minutes pass*

    I remembered. Well, we, that is to say me and my friends, Loryn, Kaity, Garrett, and Jorge, we’ve been doing a puppet show in Intro-To-Theatre and we presented today(It was my idea to put in the Fastfod Freestyle from Youtube). I think that my friends think that I’m odd because I said I was going to take my (tube) sock puppet and wear it while I was talking in Spanish class and they just kind of stared at me. Loryn laughed when I showed her my festive peanut butter sandwich (it had sprinkles!).  I don’t get it, it would be funny. My teacher’s just standing there talking and I’m sitting there repeating everything she says with the puppet. And she favors me too for some reason, so as long as she doesn’t see, she wouldn’t care. Yes, that doesn’t make sense, the pudding already told me. But I’m pretty sure that someone would have told her eventually. Hmm, must remember to post pics of the puppets and my health tee that I still haven’t made yet up.

    In other news[this is wear I list a bunch of random stuff]: the second quarter edition of my school’s newspaper came out today and the *my theatre teachers name here*ism is: “Too much mistletoe in December, can lead to a big mistake in September.” That one took me a minute but then I remembered that December to September is 9 months. *hint hint*

    I actually have the other edition right here so I’ll post the first quarter one, it said: “It’s better to have candy on Halloween, than roses on Sweetest Day. Halloween won’t break your heart.” I think that the other one was funnier. Also, I was waiting for sister to pick me up after school yesterday, and one of my neighbors, Jaime, came out of the building. He took one look at me and shouted “Oh my God! *my full name here* had detention!” I did not have detention. Jaime is like a rebellious kid who might not finish high school – and I’m not. So then, today I was at my locker, when the 10th period late bell rang and I closed and was walking through the cafeteria and I ran into him again. He just sort of stared at me for a second in shock because I, obviously, was late too. He doesn’t know this, but I was like almost a minute away from my class. Either way, all I have to say is this: School fees : $125 , messenger bag : $25 – Seeing the look on his face : priceless.

    I have more stuff to post but the pudding limit on my mom’s car is almost full (the rooster said it first!) so I must save it for some other posts. iAdios Amigos!

Updates, Joke, and the Coolest Thing You’ll Read Today.
December 15, 2007

Alright, so I’ve got some stuff that I want to post today. The first thing is the updates just because I haven’t posted in a long time. Well, let’s see here, um, there hasn’t been toOoOo much stuff going on lately. I do have some fun stuff in my life though happening soon. First of all, I only Have 3 more days of school left ❗ 😀 And it gets better I think. See, we did have snow but lately it has all melted. And now today it’s snowing a lot right now. And On Sunday we’re supposed to have about 8-12 inches in just a few hours! I might have a snow day on Monday! :mrgreen: We normally don’t get snow-days because of how much snow accumulates during the season, but hey, I can still hope can’t I? 😉 So yeah, I’m really looking forward to that. Also, I’ve got two weeks off for Christmas (I Heart Christmas!!!!). 😀 And then later, my cousins, aunts and uncles, are coming afterwards. My parents are working on Christmas Eve and my mom might be working a couple hours on Christmas so people aren’t stuck with over-time (she’s a full-time fire-fighter and paramedic). This means that we will be celebrating Christmas with my grandma a little bit earlier (this Saturday). Unfortunately, like the week after I am back in school, we have mid-terms 😦 And uh, yeah, that’s about it for updates right now.

O.K. next is a forwarded email that I thought was funny and relevant to what I’m writing after this:

A Japanese doctor says, ‘Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take kidneys out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.” A German doctor says, “That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.” A British doctor says, “In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half of a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.” The New York doctor not to be outdone, says, “You guys are way behind. We are going to take a woman with no brains out of New York; put her in the White House and then half the country will be looking for work.

Well, that is probably funny if you don’t want Hilary Clinton in office. Anyway, the last part of this post is an article on the internet. Basically, Korea has been working on some genetic experiments to try and develop treatments for genetic diseases. They were doing one particular experiment involving the cloning of twin cats. They have a fluorescent protein gene in them. The cool thing about these two cats is that one of their side effects of these proteins, is that when exposed to ultraviolet light (also known as black lights), the cats glow in the dark. That’s pretty much the cool thing. If you want to read the full article,with pics, click here.

P.S. I just remembered, I’m doing a t-shirt for health class and I’m going to wear it on Tuesday(for 50 extra credit points! Take that you B+!). It’s a shirt to encourage teens to stay sexually abstinent. I haven’t made it yet, but I’ll show you the pictures later. K, byez everyone. 😛

~esmilita – beware the hidden epidemic of the purple paper hats!

DHMO! Everyone Run!
November 10, 2007

Have you ever heard of Dihydrogen Monoxide?  Dihydrogen Monoxide is commonly referred to as DHMO.   DHMO is a highly dangerous substance.  In some cases, it is referred to as the “Invisable Killer”.  😮

          The following are some facts taken directly from

·  Dihydrogen Monoxide is linked to gun violence

·  Dihydrogen monoxide was found at every recent school shooting

·  Athletes use DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE, or DHMO, to enhance performance

·  Dihydrogen Monoxide has been found in our rivers, lakes, oceans and streams

·  Dihydrogen Monoxide is a major component of acid rain

·  Thousands die each year after inhaling dihydrogen monoxide

·  Dihydrogen Monoxide can be deadly


Wanna learn more about Dihydrogen Monoxide?  Click here and go to the Dihyrdrogen Monoxide site.  After, come back and finish reading the rest of this post.  😉
























So, what did you learn about DHMO ❓  It may not have been in-your-face obvious, but did you figure out what DHMO a.k.a. Hydric Acid is?  If yes, good for you.  If no, well, DHMO is actually another term for…water. 😆 Yup,  the same stuff that kills thousands of people, causes burns, is in nuclear power plants, chemical test labs, school shootings and more, is really just water.  😀

          Think about it, hot water will burn your tongue, 😛 you can drown, if you drink too much too fast, you feel sick, and nearly every school has water fountains.   I had to post this because I just thought that it was too funny to pass up.  P.S.  If you find any other websites like this let me know, I would love to see them.  PlzKThx.  8)

          :mrgreen: Churros! :mrgreen:

It’s Mole Day!
October 24, 2007

Yup, you heard it here (or maybe at school). Yesterday was Mole Day! I wouldn’t even had known this if my sister hadn’t been doing a project having to do with this. I guess that in math there is something known as a mole. Mole=6.022x10_23 (six point zero two two times ten to the twenty third power). In other words, it’s a way of saying the really big number: 602,200,000,000,000,000,000,000. Mole.

Anyway, since the number in scientific notation is 6.022x10_23, and yesterday was 10/23, it’s considered mole day. So now if your parents say, stop going on the internet, it kills brain cells, just start saying that you learned about scientific notation and continue on in long complicated ramblings about it. :mrgeen:

Now for the normal part: Like I said earlier, my sister had to do a project for extra credit. She had to make a creative flag for a country that could have the word mole in it. For example, you could do a flag for Poland or Portugal. You know, Moleland or Portumole. Well, the country she chose was Guatemala. Get it? Got-a-mole-a. Me and my dad tried to persuade her to draw a picture of a smiley face with a big bead and a string (hair) on it. 😛 She wanted to be boring and draw a picture of the actual animal mole :role: . Then, she changed her mind because she traced the picture to small. So then, she tried to erase it. There was still a faint outline though. 😉 And then, she blew up the picture (figure of speech peoples) and redrew it. 🙂 So her final picture on the flag wasn’t that boring. She had drawn a picture of a mole…that was pregnant. 😆

Ugh, Meebo Probs Again
October 18, 2007

Hey everyone,

I’ve been really busy these past few days. All week I’ve been working on school projects and clubs and other stuff. I presented my L. Arts project today;I was second up. Anyway, I haven’t been on my blog or meebo lately.

I was and am on right now (6:21 Estern Time Zone) and I’m having some issues with it again 😦 . For example, there is a visitor named esmilitameebome710427, they sent me a message, I tried sending one back. Everytime I wrote a message, it says message was not delivered.

There is also another person named Meebovisitor129483, I clicked on that name and said hey but no one answered. I’m not sure whether or not they’re there and can’t see it or can but aren’t at the computer. It’s probably the first one. If anyone has meebo on their blog and knows how to fix this, I would highly appreciate if you could leave a comment and help, 😉 thanks everyone. And I’m sorry I can’t use meebo much right now 😦

Keep in mind that with the weekend coming up, I most likely won’t be working on a language arts project until midnight 🙂 and will be able to work on upgrading this blog. Hope you like the changes I’ll be making (and if not, I can always change it 🙂 )

:mrgreen: Churros! :mrgreen:

The Voices in my Head…
September 28, 2007

Well, it’s about 9:10 pm-Friday, September 28, 2007, I am currently listening to the song Sweet Home Alabama. 🙂 I just cannot get that song out of my head. I just love it so much though. I swear, right now I think that that is the best song! I even watched Forest Gump last night because it was on t.v., and wouldn’t you know it? Sweet Home Alabama was played in that movie. I know that this is just a sort of short post that doesn’t have anything to do with well everything else, but you know, I just feel like writing what I think. I mean it’s strange, usually I get annoyed just thinking of the same song over and over again, but lately these past few months, I’ve been realizing that I just love it even more. Does that ever happen to you ❓ What songs are they? If it’s a good song tell me because I probably wouldn’t mind having a song stuck in my head for a week if I enjoy the song. 😉

Songs that I have recently been listening to over and over again:

  • Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Livin’ on a Prayer-Bon Jovi
  • Be my Escape-Relient K
  • Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
  • One Thing-Finger Eleven
  • 100 Years-Five for Fighting
  • Dani California-Red Hot Chili Peppers

And soOoOo many more songs…. :mrgreen:

Got anymore to add? Comment and let me know 🙂 

                                   :mrgreen: Churros! :mrgreen: