Secret Kangaroo Club

Pretty much self explanatory. If you haven’t heard of the club, then please use common sense (although that doesn’t always work with me 😉 ) or just use google and my name (esmilita).

Here’s how it works:

I make the rules, I make the shirts, free, fun[ny], um, yeah I actually don’t really care what you do as long as its not anything that will make someone feel bad (I’m talking to you Australian kangie hurter peoples!).


  • I’m prez’dent
  • my kangies name is ralphert (although it goes by many nicknames :mrgreen: )
  • I can officially disown you if you break rules
  • Club Shirts are mandatory
  • this is a SECRET club!
  • I can make or unmake rules whenever I want
  • If you continually break them you will be disowned
  • I really don’t care what you do to be honest [although this could change….or not…or will it….it could….but it might not….you never know….or do you….?]

I am now taking shirt orders. Oh but to get yours shown, you must answer one question I make personally via comment [ no matter how stupid it may be].


3 Responses

  1. Just so you know, in paragraph B section 5, clause 22, I didn’t mean that against all Australians, just mean people and such, you get the idea.

  2. O: *confused* So this is a secret kangaroo club?
    I need to be asked a question? O_O
    *still confused* Explain? ;]

    In LaLa Land…

  3. Yuppers, this is the SKS. Secret Kangie Society.

    To become a member, you must answer one question – no matter how, dumb, stupid, political, hard, or simple.

    Your question is: Каково значение жизни?

    (hint: Russian) (other hint: trans: what is the meaning of life?)

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