Don’t you miss the days when pizza was less than a quarter? Oh yeah, that was today!

While at a Washington Wizards game last week, the Cavs were playing when about 12 or so people came to the game wearing Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys with the number 23 on back (Lebron James’ number) and the name Crybaby emblazoned above it. And in the corner, a Papa Johns Pizza logo was shown.

From what I here, a local owner created about twenty jerseys after a previous game where James had been complaining over several fouls during the game. As you can imagine, this made an excessive number of Fans boycott the pizzeria altogether.

Papa Johns (CEO I think?), fearing lack of business, made a public apology to the team and fans for the offensive shirt, and as such, set forth the date of today, May 8, as the day when any Cav’s fans could purchase a large one-topping pizza for just 23 cents.

Pizza supplies were sent in from other parts of the country to prepare for the flood of pizza-goers and the ingredients were frozen until needed.

When I came home today, we saw a three car accident (not too bad though) in the turning lane outside of one restaurant, and upon seeing this, saw the huge line of people ranging from out the door, down the sidewalk about maybe 80 feet or something (I really am not good at guessing numbers, like at all) and into the parking lot of a church. If you were in that line, I’m sure you’d be waiting for at least 2 1/2 hours.


Apparently, Papa Johns had miscalculated the amount of buyers because my dad said that at about 2:00 pm, a lot of restaurants were going to have to close early soon enough because they’d only stocked for about 1000 or so pizzas extra.

My sister also told me that sometime between 11:30 and 12 a girl in her history class took out her phone and called in a pizza so it would hopefully be ready when school let out and get it about 2:30.

And to top it all off, they got plenty of free advertising from local news anchors and such which just goes to show, if you want pizza for a cheap price, go to an away game and support the other team. (joking people!). :mrgreen:

Papa John’s 23-cent pizzas

2 Responses

  1. Ah, if only snickers vould make an offensive comment so zat we’d ‘ave 5 cent candy again too!

  2. Haha, yeah, that’d be totally amazing! 😀 Or maybe even Betty Crocker – wait that wouldn’t be good, I’d give myself a heart attack from eating that many brownies lol.

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