Happy Earth Day

Okay, so even though this post says that it is probably the 23rd, it’s actually the 22nd, k?

so’z um yeah, today is Earth Day.  It wasn’t really much different except for a few things.  I’d actually forgotten that today was Earth day until I was at lunch.  I sit like diagonal from my friend (kind of annoying) Zach, and then he mentioned it.

“Hey, remember today is Earth Day.”

“Oh yeah, forgot, not really important, though.”

“Yes it is! This is the day when you try to be planet-friendly.  It’s Earth Day; treat everybody like dirt.

“Haha” 😆

Yeah, there’s a little joke.  Also, this wasn’t really funny but it kind of was because this one girl in one of my classes, her birthday was today, and she was getting really annoyed that some kids wanted to sing happy birthday.

And then my sister told me that in one of her classes, they were having a debate over whether or not Earth Day meant that it was the Earth’s birthday.

I wish I could’ve done what she’d mentioned about some other kids.  Run down the halls screaming with your friends “Save the whales!” and sticking your head in classroom doors.  During block schedule classes.


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