We’re getting a new page!!! HOUSE M.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all that I can say first off is that I hope you like the show House M.D. by Fox. (created by David Shore).

Um, so yeah, the reason that I say that is because I’m adding an 8th page called House. 😀

Just gonna throw this in now before I forget: there are 7 pages already, because of the theme though, there are 2 that you have to scroll over beneath the others in the white space to see the names, or you can just look at the very bottom of this site where the whole sidebar thing is and seem them all listed there.

Okay, yeah, now back to what I was saying. I’m adding a new page called House because I’m totally obsessed with that show and it was only a matter of time. :mrgreen: Also, if you watch House M.D., then you should know that I am a Huddy – House/Cuddy – fan, however, I prefer Hameron – House/Cameron – like 10 times more (sorry, I just do 😉 )

And, so’z um yeah, I will have like a ton of videos from youtube on there, majority will probably be music videos of Hameron or Huddy – but not all 😉 . Also, I will have an entire list of every episode in order. And um, pictures, and, um, yeah, other stuff too, I think. 😀

Warning: I have not watched any of the season 4 episodes yet because I wasn’t interested in House when season 4 started and have bad luck with timing. So I’m telling you now, if you tell me anything major (little bits are okay 🙂 ), I’m sorry that I’m going to have to kill you. Haha, just kidding, you can tell me any spoilers you want. 😛  But, no really, I haven’t seen any of  Season 4 😦

:mrgreen: Churros! :mrgreen:


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