Lactose, Falcons, and Italy

So this is kind of a long story. But I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just start here with today, no really, this is the shortened story. (Yes, the title is all about today).

Well, today I missed school because my mom took me to get a lactose test. First, I had to not eat or drink anything after midnight, couldn’t brush my teeth this morning either, and then go to the hospital and sit in this little room. There was like a t.v., coloring books, kids videos (barney and stuff), and some drawings on the wall. On that same wall, was this machine. The lady came in and had me breathe into a bag with a syringe like thing on the end. Then, she put it in the machine, and after a few minutes, a little red light turned on, and showed the number two.

The nurse said that you just add on twenty after whichever number you get (between 1 and 20 – 2 in my case), and if the machine ever showed a number higher than that, (22 for me), it meant that you were lactose intolerant. However, it never went above 4 for me, so I’m not.

After, I breathed into the bag, I had to drink a cup of water with powered lactose or whatever mixed in. Then, every half hour I breathed into the bag again and it measured it. There was also a second number that showed how much methane gas I had in my stomach, but that’s not really important. Me and my mom were there for like two and a half hours by the time it got started and ended.

The nurse told me that everyone has bacteria in their stomachs that break down the sugar in lactose and the waste of the bacteria is Hydrogen which is what can cause problems for some people. If you have a larger number of bacteria in your stomach than you should though, it will give off more Hydrogen, thus, making you sick, and that it what happens when you’re lactose intolerant.

Alright, now that I’m done talking about the smarticle part of the story, I’ll move onto the Falcons.

We were on the eleventh of twelve floors in the hospital. Now, as most people know, there are three things about falcons: they are shy; they are not very common birds, especially in big cities; and they do not live near the ground. As it turns out, there was a nest on the top of the building, and there were 1 female, and 1 male that lived there. Unfortunately, I never got to see either of the falcons (wahhhhh!!!), but perhaps I was a bit distracted…

There were about a dozen pictures on that wall that little kids had drawn and/ or colored. Inspired by this, I decided to draw my own picture. Now I’m not exactly what you’d call “talented” when it comes to drawing and can only draw about three things well: koalas, lobsters, and palm trees. I wanted to make a good drawing. I decided to draw a palm tree because I like drawing those. Then, I decided that a lobster would fit in only too well with the beach scenery and added an animal. The lobster was not in it 🙂 . So I put my picture of my palm tree with a sideways sleeping koala on top of it on the table next to the machine. One of the nurses came back to see how the test was going, saw my picture, laughed, and asked me if I drew it. I said yes. She laughed again, and took it back to show the other nurses. My so-called “creative” picture now hangs proudly on the wall in front to, and I quote, “inspire the other kids to be creative as well.”

After the test was over, my mom and I left to go get lunch seeing as it was like 11:15 and I hadn’t eaten or drank anything in like 12 hours or so. We drove around for a bit and eventually stopped in Little Italy to get lunch. Me and my mom both got turkey subs on big kaiser rolls, a drink, and a bag of chips. My mom decided to go there because she used to stop with the ambulance when she worked with the EMS in this city and knew the owner. After we paid and got our food, she told the owner who she was (worked for the EMS 20+/- years ago) and he remembered. Then he said he had only seen one other person. This was funny because my parents still talk to this guy because he is now working at a local ski resort where we are like every winter weekend. After eating out on the patio, we got a large, authentic Italian pizza for my dad and sister to try. It obviously wasn’t ready so we walked up and down the street looking at stores and campuses for a few minutes.

Before we got to Little Italy, my mom drove around and showed me places nearby. There was a park and some really nice old houses set back in the woods and stuff. All the places were like covered in vines and there was almost always people walking around the park area with dogs and kids. Some of the places seemed like they would be nice places to live. I don’t think I would want to though just because i like the suburbs. But I bet a lot of other people enjoy it.

After we got home, my mom and I split a slice in half and tried the pizza, it was sooo good. My dog liked the crust to. We took her for a walk b/c the weather was so nice and got home just before my sister did from school. All in all, not a bad day to be out of school.


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