You gotta see this….

So a couple days ago, I was on yrtm’s blog, and she had this link on a post. It’s a 360 degree view of a plane (airbus a380). It’s awesome, you can like zoom in to read panels on the ceiling and stuff too. It let’s you see like everything inside of it (notice the joysticks instead of steering wheels?). Anyway, I wanted to post it here for future references and because I thought it was pretty cool. I showed it to my dad because I thought he’d find it interesting since he used to work on airplanes (repairs and the like) a while ago, and he said the same thing, so yeah, pretty cool.


One Response

  1. Yrtm (me) is a SHE!

    Es: Oh my gosh! I mistyped that, I’m so sorry! I’m fixing it right now! 😳

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