April Fool’s Day Prank!

Alright here is a good prank to pull on somebody at the office, or in my case, a teacher at school.  This is also quite easy to do and very entertaining if you can see their reaction.

First off, what you do is go to the yellow pages in your phone book and look up a local mortuary or funeral home.

 Second, On a small  piece of paper, such as, a post-it note, write a message saying that a woman named Myra Maines has called and requested you call her back.  Remember, do not tell them where they have called!

Third, leave the note on a desk and get away.

Then, your “victim” will call the funeral home and say something like, “Could I please speak to Myra Maines?”, which sounds a lot like “my remains”.

Tip: Do not put your name on the note.

And remember, have fun, don’t get caught, and play as many pranks as possible.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!! 


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