I bet you could kill a person with bacon…

Okay so I’m sitting on my couch with a laptop and my mom’s making dinner.  We were watching Mad TV, but that got to be kind of weird so then I switched it to a DVD of Two && A Half Men.  And so at the beginning, Alan walks in with (his brother) Charlie.  And Alan has an eye patch and then Charlie says “I’m sorry, Alan, when you said ‘toss me a piece of toast’, I threw you a piece.”  Apparently, you can make a person’s eye bleed, by throwing a a piece of bacon at someone.  Or on tv you can.  So then, Alan is trying to explain to Jake (his son), that even though his parents are divorced, he still likes women.

And then Jake, says “I bet you could kill a person with a piece of bacon, it’s the perfect crime!”.

“And part of a nutritious breakfast too”, responds Uncle Charlie in his usual sarcastic manner.  😀


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