so’z um yes

yes, this post is short, sweet and to the point, unlike yesterdays,  so’z um yes. I had another snow-day today.  It wasn’t too so bad, and yes by the way, I do know that that sentence does not make any sense. I am now out of snowdays, so in other words, I’m hoping for another one tomorrow. Seriously, I am. So’z um yes, ok byez.


2 Responses

  1. Sit N Go

    Really enjoyed that article,tell me do you have any other blogs? Why not come and write for me I have a wicked article site you could submit article for?

  2. Hey, glad you liked the story. It was something I had read in a paper. And no, I don’t have any other blogs I use. As for the offer, thanks but no thanks, I don’t really know much about poker. I read the Sit N Go Journal though, pretty good.

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