Interesting Article && We’re Running Out of Snow-days.

The Second bit, which is the first bit, therefore becoming the first bit, although it was first the second bit, even though it’s now the first bit, is that today, Tuesday, February whatever, 2008, is that we had our fourth snow-day today. By the way, how come Word doesn’t have a unicorn font type? I’m sorry, but I was just typing and now I’m pretty curious, ugh I bothers me!….K, now I’m over it. But there should still be swirly little letters and stuff. Okay, back to today, um yeah, so we like only have one more snow-day left for this school year. Last year, they ran out of snow-days because of like bomb threats by stupid kids (wearing that football jerseys with their name on the back!) and had other days off and stuffs too. So then, they ended up having to make up four days. For two weeks, they started school like an hour early or something, I think. And then, they still had two more days which they just went on into the summer. My sister said that she really didn’t care getting up early though. I decided I probably wouldn’t let it get to me anyway. Probably. Oh, and next week, she doesn’t have to come in to school until like 10 o’clock, whereas all the Freshmen and Sophmores have to come in for state tests and test practice ( not in that order). Tuesday is an election day though so that’s cool, another day off. It’s funny because just yesterday, I was thinking to myself, “man, all of the snow is melting. Oh well, I like Spring, and I miss blue skies”. And so then, I wake up this morning, hear my sister not believing something my dad said, and then hear “…so you can go back to bed because the superintendent just called a snow-day, but go look at the t.v. to make sure it’s not fake”. And I’m just laying there like, what the heck? I have another snow-day today? Haha! Yes! And then I fell asleep again. (Don’t you just love how I go from subject to subject about the same overall subject in one subject of the subject to another subject of the main subject? And use confuzing words and sentnces?

Alright so then, I woke up at like 8:59, went back to sleep and got up at 9:41 and a few minutes later was down stairs. I don’t really remember what happened. And then I go into the kitchen from our living room, Omg, seven steps from the couch to the doorway is so far! But yeah, my mom and sister are talking about some article, and then they tell me to read it and I’m like “Okay”.

So yes, I’m going to rewrite/summarize the article (somethings will stay the same though, just not names and places and such).


He was a Police Chief who stirred up the strangest mystery this mini-city had ever witnessed. One day, he just disappeared out of thin air, trailing behind some clues and plenty of interest. They all said he would come back.

More than twenty years later, and he is still missing.

Jackson at the time was a detective at the police department, and was sure within hours after starting the search that the police chief had begun, that he had planned his own mysterious escape. He had left a few clues to show that he had planned to leave.

Smith’s plan worked great.

“He knew I’d see through it,” Jackson said.

Aside from being a co-worker, they had been friends, and the clues had been left just for him because he would be the one to investigate the case.

Jackson can picture Smith laughing as he placed the cigarette butt in the toilet, knowing that his friend would have to fish it out with a glove.

It all began on Monday, July 29, 1985, Smith never came into work. The next day, his Toyota would be found on the shore of Park’s Lake a little while away. He had left inside, neatly stacked, his clothes, badge, towel, and wallet.

Your first thought may have been that he had drowned, that is not so, though. In reality, it was the first clue.

Apparently, Smith hated the water but had left his shoes and clothes on the beach, he couldn’t even go swimming because of a skin condition. He had gotten radiation burns from the sun while serving for the Military out west.

The weekend before not going to work, he had told his girlfriend he was going to Target to get a bathing suit and go swimming with out of town friends. Later after going to the store, Jackson found out that the store didn’t even sell bathing suits.

What was more, at his office, everything was normal excluding the fact that one drawer was empty except for his labeled apartment key. His home was the same too, all except for the fact that the fridge only held mayonnaise, there was plenty of cat food for his pets left out, his long-sleeved shirts (to cover burns) were gone, as were his poetry book, and manuscript for a murder mystery he was writing.

On his table, was a note to get laundry from the dry cleaners back. In the pocket, were schedules for a tour bus and taxi that could take him to California. Another clue was one he may not have known about, a dispatcher took a ribbon out of the typewriter that had a letter to a friend saying he was fed up and soon would be thousands of miles away. But she never got the letter. The letter mentioned he most likely would never return.

A few years before, his brother died of cancer, and he was recently divorced, but he had gotten over it, was dating, and respected his job. Supposedly, he loved San Francisco, and could have gone there. His mother however thought he was endangered, scared, or maybe even murdered and would not have walked away from everything he loved just like that.

But all of that was nearly twenty three years ago, his mother is deceased, and few people remember him as well.

Jackson is different however and still thinks about him.

The most recent tip was about ten years ago when someone claims to have witnessed him in California at a restaurant.

Jackson is sure that Smith had assumed a false identity. Smith, a former FBI fingerprint classifier, could easily have pulled it off.

Jackson quit in 2001 and became head of security at a hospital, but never forgot the “notoriety” of investigating such a bizarre case, which was more or less national news. As it is, he still gets fake cards from posers. Jackson also thinks he may have told someone before he left but that they never told the police he had done so.

And to this day, his case goes on unsolved.


That wasn’t the exact article, I did change some words, places, names, adjectives, etc., but it is still very curious what happened. I think, he probably took a new identity, I’m not sure though because of how much the government invades nowadays compared to then, but still, you never know. What do you think?


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