Poetry Stinks

So, in class lately, we have been doing poetry.  Apparently, we will be doing this “for several weeks” as my teacher said.  She said this about a month ago.  It actually is almost time for progress reports to come out and I have a feeling that we will be doing this for the rest of the quarter.  I have several reasons for this, as follows:


A.) She’s a meany-head.  


B.) For some unknown reason to us, she really enjoys reading and analyzing       Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and trust me there are a lot (we just finished #29).


C.)We hate these stupid poems.


D.)She told us at that same time (above ^), that we would start reading Romeo and Juliet during the 4th quarter of the school year after we finish this poetry crap. (Ok, she didn’t actually say “crap”, but yeah, you know. Oh and I really don’t think that I will really mind reading Romeo and Juliet though).


E.) Okay, I’m out of reasons, but she’s still a meany-head.


Oh, and just because I felt like doing something in honor of (or perhaps in spite of) poetry by doing something easy and making an Acrostic Poem.  In art class, we’ve been talking about seeing what most people don’t such as lines and colors rather than detail (abstract art). So, um, yeah, that’s where I got the inspiration. Enjoy! :mrgreen:





Of life and love, happiness and joy,

One only needs the comfort of other to enjoy,

More out of life.

People are blinded today,

Always, never seeing what’s really out there.


Lonely is the person,

One who does not see,

Of many great arts,

More than meets the eye.

People need to learn to see, instead of those whom

Always fail to see simplicity.


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