You know what’s strange…?

This has got to be the warmest winter I have ever been through.  Like seriously, a lot of times there isn’t even snow covering the ground.  The ski resorts didn’t even open until January!  But what makes this winter so ironic is that despite the fact that there isn’t always snow, we’ve been using up our snowdays faster than ever before (at least that I remember).  Did you know that this will be my fifth or sixth 3-day weekend in a row? Yup, I’m serious.  I’m not gonna go back and name them all but it’s true.

So last night, I was sitting at the kitchen table, watching t.v., acting like I was getting some homework done, (pretty obvious I wasn’t though), and my dad is looking at the weather forecast on the laptop and he tells me that it’s going to be zero degrees when the buses are picking up kids but there will be a wind chill of about -20.  It went up after a little bit which made me kind of nervous I might actually have school today, but luckily, at 9:38 pm, school was cancelled. 🙂 We have this automated phone service for our schools that sends messages to every home in the district, and yeah, the phone rang. So then today, I watched House Season 1 for a while with my mom and sister.

So that was the good news.  Bad news is: I still have to finish my homework from friday. Hmph.


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  1. Same here! This winter has been surprisingly warm, but we’ve had less snow days than last year. And the funny thing about THAT is that last year we were one of the last schools to get out, and this year we’re not! That’s weird, huh?
    We actually have a snow day today too. But it’s not really snowing out, it’s just slushing. (Slush is melted snow that’s not quite rain yet, just in case you don’t know.)
    ~Sweet Sa~

  2. yeah, there was actually another blizzard blast on tuesday and we got out a bit early

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