Guess Who Got a Snowday Today?

SoOoOo…guess what? I got a snowday today? How did you know? Oh, you read the title. Yes, well, anyway, I think that the worst snow days are the days where you get off, but there isn’t even any snow. It all already melted. 😦  It was more of the fact that it snowed a little bit and we had like really freezing temperatures.  I think that we got off because they wouldn’t have been able to clear off all of the ice off of the buses for the people who ride them in time for school.

 I was also really mad about the fact that we had off.  There are a few reasons for this:

 1.) It’s Friday! I already did my homework last night.

 2.) I wanted off Monday even if I had to do my h.w. because it’s a 3 day weekend and then I probably would have had to take a test today 10th period and now on Monday, I’m not going to remember anything.

 3.) When you’re in high school, they rarely let you go on field trips.  And guess what day I was supposed to go on a field trip. Yep, today.


2 Responses

  1. poor you! 😆

  2. Yup poor me 😛 I like my snowday better now that it’s Monday though. 😉

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