New Um, Interesting Talent

Well everyone has a talent, and most people have multiple talents.  I, for one, would be classified as those with multiple talents.  I can ski, read, and play soccer and other things very well.  No, I’m not trying to brag about myself (or am I…?)

        As you do not know, I’m not the worst singer, not to say I’m the best either, but yeah I can sing alright.  And again, as you will not know, I can do an okay Ausie accent.  My friend Kaity is in choir and can sing too, she can also do, well I’m not sure hat it is, she claims it’s a Swedish accent, and also a West Virginia accent because that’s where her dad lives.

        Getting back to the post:  Yesterday, my mom and me were in the car, sitting in traffic (typical highway exit) and then this lady comes on and starts talking.  It was obvious she was Australian. 

“Way’ve gawt a disablilled vehicle goin nowthboun’ on route something o’ otha’.  This is Shelly Bellbin repawrting.”

It was something like that.  And I doubt that’s her real last name considering all I remember was it started with a “B”, but yeah. So then I liked the accent and started mimicking her.  And then, me and my mom were joking around and some music come on.  I said I wonder if I could sing in an accent like that and sell a record.  I wasn’t serious, but apparently my mom thought it was funny and mentioned I probably could. Can you guess what my new found talent is?



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