Ahh! Help!The Roosters Stole My Pudding!

I’m feeling a bit on the hash brown side today. Wanna guess why? Wanna guess why this makes no sense?

    Oh fine, alright I’ll tell you. Um, I said I’d tell you….you can stop begging now…. O.k., seriously, that’s enough. (Sheesh, some people just never learn. Some people even argue with themselves. I know, weird right?) K. well the answer is *drum rolling rooster* : I have no idea! I’m just in a good mood because *drum rolling rooster’s brother appears* :It is 4:12 p.m. and I am out of school for another two weeks! WoOt WoOt! Getting bored of the roosters now aren’t you? Anyway…I have youth club at my church tonight so I’ll probably be leaving soon. Oh yeah, and here’s the funny part: I had a snow day on Monday and they didn’t. *grins* Darn it! I actually had a good post in mind like five minutes ago but the dumb roosters made me forget, ugh.

*5 minutes pass*

    I remembered. Well, we, that is to say me and my friends, Loryn, Kaity, Garrett, and Jorge, we’ve been doing a puppet show in Intro-To-Theatre and we presented today(It was my idea to put in the Fastfod Freestyle from Youtube). I think that my friends think that I’m odd because I said I was going to take my (tube) sock puppet and wear it while I was talking in Spanish class and they just kind of stared at me. Loryn laughed when I showed her my festive peanut butter sandwich (it had sprinkles!).  I don’t get it, it would be funny. My teacher’s just standing there talking and I’m sitting there repeating everything she says with the puppet. And she favors me too for some reason, so as long as she doesn’t see, she wouldn’t care. Yes, that doesn’t make sense, the pudding already told me. But I’m pretty sure that someone would have told her eventually. Hmm, must remember to post pics of the puppets and my health tee that I still haven’t made yet up.

    In other news[this is wear I list a bunch of random stuff]: the second quarter edition of my school’s newspaper came out today and the *my theatre teachers name here*ism is: “Too much mistletoe in December, can lead to a big mistake in September.” That one took me a minute but then I remembered that December to September is 9 months. *hint hint*

    I actually have the other edition right here so I’ll post the first quarter one, it said: “It’s better to have candy on Halloween, than roses on Sweetest Day. Halloween won’t break your heart.” I think that the other one was funnier. Also, I was waiting for sister to pick me up after school yesterday, and one of my neighbors, Jaime, came out of the building. He took one look at me and shouted “Oh my God! *my full name here* had detention!” I did not have detention. Jaime is like a rebellious kid who might not finish high school – and I’m not. So then, today I was at my locker, when the 10th period late bell rang and I closed and was walking through the cafeteria and I ran into him again. He just sort of stared at me for a second in shock because I, obviously, was late too. He doesn’t know this, but I was like almost a minute away from my class. Either way, all I have to say is this: School fees : $125 , messenger bag : $25 – Seeing the look on his face : priceless.

    I have more stuff to post but the pudding limit on my mom’s car is almost full (the rooster said it first!) so I must save it for some other posts. iAdios Amigos!


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