The Snows on the Other Foot Now….

    Well, I’m happy.  It snowed a lot this weekend and it finally stopped on Sunday night 😐  I was kind of disappointed – no I was really disappointed.  I soOoOo wanted a snow day.  😦 I sort of thought we’d have one but I sort of thought we wouldn’t.  And I really didn’t want to jinx it- I mean what if we got lucky?.  My dad was like so totally positive we’d have school and my sister was just as much sure we wouldn’t have school.

 6:00 am – Monday morning- December 17.

I was half awake under my covers and blankets; I’d taken a shower the night before so I could straighten my hair.

The phone rings. :mrgreen:

 My sister Jennifer, picks it up.   The automated school call comes through.

Phone: Hello, this is Mr. Jim *****, superintendent of ********* city schools.  This call is to inform all parents and students that due to increment weather, there will be no school for today, December, er – Hey! What’s today? What’s the date?…. – for today December 17, 2007.  Thank you and have a nice day. 😳

My sister thinks he was calling the radio stations and stuff at the same time.  And better yet, my dad was wrong, luckily 🙂

Yes ❗


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