Mission #17-Accomplished.

One of my missions was to get the chance to get a rolling chair and roll down the Center hallway in my school and push my friends in it.

Been there, done that- definitely doing it again. 😀

And here’s the story of how it all happened:

It all started about one week ago. My friends and me, were all sitting in the last row of seats in our 3rd period Intro-To-Theatre class. This is seriously the best class ever. Anyway, my teacher was standing in the front of the room. He was explaining about the Spooktakular that the school was putting on for kids in elementary school to go trick-or-treating. This being a drama class, the drama club usually puts on the best display. He told us that if there was anyone who wanted to be in it, then we should talk to him or the other teacher next door. We three were the only ones in our class who decided to do it.

Speed up in time: Then yesterday, we stayed after school to help decorate the hallway for Spooktakular. We were doing a hallway where as, the other clubs were only doing a room (Beat that Spanish Club! – Oh wait, I’m in Spanish Club. 😛 ). Anyway, it wasn’t that bad. We hung up A lot of cloth with trees and other designs on it, had a “bat cave” (a.k.a. card table with sheet 😉 , 2 swamp monsters (me!) , a troll, a “potty fairy” (I felt kinda bad for her 😐 ) , elf guides, an owl, and a princess.

It was pretty fun. We all came at 11 (on a Saturday morning 😮 ) for make-up, hair, and costumes, and it started at 1. I sat on the floor in a corner and started the fog machine when people walked by :mrgreen: . I was really scary; a person with the craziest hair, freaky make-up, and a strange costume, sitting in a corner, giving the older kids (fifth and sixth graders, and the occasional highschooler, scary looks.

Then, after all of this, we had to put everything away. We had to drag all the stuff from a corner in the East to a part in the Center, more towards the West. Well, this is where it got fun. 🙂 Me, Kaity, and Alyce, had to take the big red Princess Chair back through the Center and down the Theatre hallway. Well, why not have fun with it? :evil:

We all took turns, one person sat, one person pushed and the other pulled. It was so much fun. I can’t even imagine how funny it must have looked! We were still wearing our hair and make-up crazy too! Just imagine it: 2 kids with crazy outfits, running down the main hallway, pushing another person in a big, red, old-fashioned chair at 5-10 miles an hour, coming at you down the hallway. 😆 It was so much fun! And the adults who saw it didn’t even get us in trouble! Been there, done that, Mission Accomplished! 🙂


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