Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! It’s soOoOoOo cute. It’s a little robot named Keepon! I love it! I want one soOoOo bad! 😀 It’s aw-sum! Way to go Keepon! :mrgreen:


3 Responses

  1. OMG !!
    i want him!!

    Es Says:So do I! 😀

  2. Yo wazzup ESMILITA xDDD its Adena aka Stackers 😀 Hey I was wondering if I could show you some things I made on microsoft paint which I put on photobucket and have you rate them? If you want to you can go on photobucket and search adenaguin. Thats my username 😛 Oh and you need to change the word of the day xD I miss you sooo much!

    Es Says: Hey, thanks Adena 😀 I’ve been kind of busy lately but I have a three-day-weekend so I’ll check them out. Oh and I’ll change the word of the day too.

  3. Have you gotten any ideas for my book? 😀 I’m so excited, I might actually be able to get it PUBLISHED!!! My dad said he would look up some publishers and see if any of them are into these kinds of books. I’m so exciiiiteeeed XDD

    Es Says: That would be so awesome if it gets published! O.K. um ideas let’s see…:Pictures, maybe like drawings even; Actual stories, you know like interview a couple of people and have a separate chapter or part 2 of the book or something. I can’t think of anything else. Oh but in Captain Underpants they had squishies! Putting ketchup and mustard packs under toilet seats 😛

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