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I’m doing good today 😉 (bien-pronounced bee yen- in Spanish). I happened to notice that someone I am friends with is writing a fictional book called 101 Ways to Annoy a Teacher; she asked me for ideas. I have a couple of ideas but I know that there are more I can’t think of. If you would like to submit any funny stories or other ideas please comment here. Not only would it help her, but it would also be awesome to hear what you have to say. Thanks everybody 😀


:mrgreen: churros! :mrgreen:


P.S. We are almost at 2,600 hits, I think that’s really great, love ya byez! 🙂



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  1. Vell, very interesting but i might ave a story… oh yes!!! I ‘ad a teacher ‘ou ‘ad pencils stuck een ze ceiling because vun kid threw vone pencil up and eet stuck up zere, and zen anozer kid threw anozer pencil to get ze first pencil down, but zat vouldn’t vork, so zere vas pencils stuck een ze ceiling for about 2 years. Ze janitor finally decided to get ze sings down… zat took ‘im a while…

    Es Says: Our class prefers to do other things like let bee’s in the class room and name it (Suzie- The Spanish Bee) and then try and keep it in the room as a pet 😉 Makes for a very interesting class….

  2. I’ve got a couple: let bee’s in the room and then refuse to let them out or be killed because you already named it and declared it your pet, throw paper airplanes with pencils on the front of them, talk constantly and loudly about how annoying that subject is, during lunch fill your pockets with tater tots and sell them in class -from Napolean Dynamite- (but not the teacher), switch seats when you have a substitute; if it’s a language class, tell them they’re in the wrong room and your teacher will be back soon, hold a contest to see who can pop gum the loudest, try popping gum louder than bubble wrap-that’s fun 😛 , oh and this last one is good: bring in a shoe box and refuse to let anyone open it, then when people finally do, you have a guinie pig, hamster, mouse, etc. in it. :mrgreen: Someone actually did that once too! That’s all I can think of right now.

  3. talk a language they dont understand, it will be better if theres students that understand that language too so u can make fun of them lol
    Thats all i can think of now!
    P.S- 1001 ways will be better that 101 ! :mrgreen:

  4. I think 1001 ways is a good idea too. It’s just that 1001 is a lot more to think of. Well, when she does finish it, I’ll make a page for it.

  5. i think maybe:bring a sharp pin thing and put it on the techers chair and try to get it to stand and put the pin on the side a little or else the pin doesnt have a target insend the pin aims for the but crack so put that in the story!

    Es Says:Ouch…

  6. O.K., this is one that I did this morning in my 1st period health class.
    Today was hat day. You bring in a dollar and give it to your 1st period teacher, they give you a sticker and you can wear your hat.
    Well, everyone else brought in dollar bills, I had 2 dollars;4 quarters, and 10 dimes. I didn’t want the dimes, so i gave them to him(he’s a butthead. He told me he couldn’t “take change” and to “go get change from the west cafeteria”. I went over there but nobody had change so I came back to my classroom. 😉 He says O.K. “I just didn’t want to have to carry around change all day”, 😐 and takes the dimes.
    It gets better though. 😛
    So at lunch, they were also selling flower pens for a dollar(all of this was a fundraiser)and he is one of the teachers watching my lunch class. Me and my friend go up to the table (not far from where he is standing)and buy a pen. 🙂 I paid in quarters instead of dimes this time. I bet he was annoyed :mrgreen:

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