Alright y’all listen if up ( if you want anyway)

I’m taking a poll:

President George Bush of the United States is finishing up his second term as President and the next presidential election will be held in 2008.

Do you think that George Bush will be re-elected?

A. Only if things keep going so well in the Middle-East

B. No

C. Yes, he’ll win in a landslide

D. No, Al Gore & John Kerry will team up & bore him to death


Don’t hesitate, send in your answer today! (I’ll make a graph in about a week or two if at least 5 people vote. All answers will be blocked out until I make the graph so no one can copy answers!)

And don’t worry, this will most likely be the only kind of educational stuff that you will find on my blog. 😀 

To post your vote, simply leave a comment with either the letter or answer you choose and that’s it.  Have fun 😛


One Response

  1. LoL,

    Es Says:Thanks for voting Yrtm 🙂

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