Smile It’s Esmilita!

Haha, just kidding about the title 😉 , but still, smile anyway! Be happy people, it’s a Friday afternoon! Weeeeeeeeeee! Lol, I’m really pretty much kinda just a bit hyper right now 😛 I bet your all just out there thinking “yeah sure you’re only pretty much, kinda, just a bit hyper right now…not!” Yuppers, that’s me for ya. Anyway, I was kind of bored, which is part of the reason for my hyperness, and I was on the internet looking for all of the smilies and little signs that pretty much no one knows how to get without copying and pasting. I already knew the smilies but I would like to thank Doodlegurl24 and Rattybor because that is where I got the little signs. Don’t forget to visit their sites! 🙂

doodlegurl’s site

rattybor’s site

That was what I had originally wrote for the post below…


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