Group Work Camp

As I had mentioned in the last post, week before last, I went to a “certain camp”. This camp was actually one sponsored by Group Work Camps Foundation. It’s a Christian camp. For one week, maybe a little longer, you go with your church to help a bunch of people in need. It could be because they’re poor, old, disabled, or something else.

You’re church is separated so that everyone can make new friends. Everyone is put in to groups called crews. Your crew is the people who will be working on the house with you. It’s usually 5 or 6 kids and 1 or 2 adults.

Every night and every morning there are these programs that you go to. They show pictures of people working, messing around, and other stuff. They also play a lot of cool music. And every day there is a different theme that you try and follow. Oh and everyone on your crew has a job to do; Break Maker-the person who decides when lunch is and gets the water cooler and fills up the lunch cooler every day, Devotion Leader-leads the prayers, makes sure everyone gets along, you know stuff like that, Organizer-is responsible for the first aid kit and your packet of papers and instructions for the job you’re crew is doing, Progress Reporter-Goes to the Staff and tells them how much you got done so they know if you need help with your house from other crews, Quartermaster-you get all the tools you need, like ladders, drills, etc., Work Director-make sure people aren’t fooling around, like wasting the paint on a paint war. That’s all of the jobs but there’s still so much more about work camp!

Even without all of that stuff, it’s so much fun just being there working with new people. And I made some new friends while I was there. On Friday, it rained, so me and a friend, we took off our socks and shoes and ran through the puddles; it actually was more of a flood, so that made it more fun being up to our knees in water. 😀 Also, on Wednesday, it’s a half day, that means you only work until 12:30, and then you can go with your church to do whatever you want. On Wednesday, our group went to go play mini-golf and get ice cream. After that, we went to get something for dinner in this restaurant that was an old train station; our group took up a third of the place, then two more groups came and the place was full. After that, we decided to go to Dollar General. When we got back that night and went to the evening program, our church sat together in the back. The M.C.(the person who speaks in the programs) asked everyone what they did with their free time. While everyone else shouted stuff like sight seeing and putt putt, our group shouted the loudest: Dollar General. Everyone laughed and he asked us what the best deal there was; with out much thought, we all responded very loudly…squirt guns! There’s a whole lot more about Work Camp, it was really fun being there too. I can’t wait for next summer! A lot happened that week, but I would have to write an entire page about it to say it all. I’m actually writing everything that I remember, so far I’ve used 4 pages front and back and I’m still only writing about what happened on the first 3 of 8 days! If you can go, I would definitely say: Go!!!


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