Song Tapper

Well today, I was bored for a bit so I went on (big surprise there 🙄 ) anyway, I realized two cool things on there. The first is Song Tapper, you hit keys on your keyboard to the beat of a song and then the computer will give you a list of possible songs. The second one was the Mystical Ball. This one isn’t so much cool as it is freaky. You think of a two digit number, add the digits together and subtract from the original number. For example: I pick the number 17. So I add 7 and 1 , that gives me 8. And then 71 minus 8 is 63. So after you do that, you look up the number on the chart, memorize the symbol, and click the crystal ball(thats the only thing you click on). This is where it gets weird, it guesses the real symbol!

Check them both out!


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