OK, I was online today and came upon this article Copy and paste it in your address bar:  .  It says that Club Penguin might sell the whole game to Sony for around 450 million dollars.  They always talk about caring for kids and keeping them safe, yeah I think selling the entire thing to another unassociated company or even thinking about it shows they really care.  What might happen to club Penguin if Sony buys it? Will it be the same? Would it be better? Is it going to even be sold at all ❓ I don’t know about the first questions but you have to remember the world circulates on the economy and many people are greedy, so they might.  My guess is as good as yours though.  They might not even take the offer, but it sure gives us all something to think about right?

If anyone finds any updates on the news of this please don’t hesitate to say something about it.  Even if no one else is interested (there’s got to be at least one other person though) you know I want to know more about this.   See you tomorrow.


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  1. I just went to go read the article. Why would they DO that? And it says I posted this at 3:30 am O_O Its 8:30 where I am xD


    Another website that talks about it. Why WOULDNT sony want to buy clubpenguin? Its a really profitable website, rumored to be at 35 million dollars of profit, 65 million at revenues! This is sad though, I’m printing this to take to my school. Oh, and I won’t be here this week I am going to science class with my school, so ymail me any updates 🙂 (ymail not email xD)

  3. Grrr another virtual competitor commented called cyworld, they hope that this comes through so that they will get more visitors coming through to their website. xD Sadly enough, I think I want to join cyworld -_-

  4. Wow, thats so sad. What happened to ‘The childrens bureau of safety’? What happened to ‘ privacy awards’? What if Sony doesn’t take good care of CP and makes it worse? What if they completely demolish it? O_O

    Es Says:Remember, nothing is for sure yet, but I think that it looks like it’s heading that way. Let’s just hope they don’t sell or if they do, Sony makes it better. But wouldn’t that be weird, someone else took over as Billybob and no one would probably tell us.

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