New Theme

Hello whoever is reading this right now. I’m kind of bored so I’m just experimenting with this right now. Decided to make it a new theme do you like it? Please tell me because I don’t know if I want to keep it, it doesn’t have a search bar like Blix did which I sort of liked. I’m not really sure if anyone used it though. Ah, who knows maybe I will keep it. Are you still reading this? Hmm I guess so. OK I’m pretty much done now, and now that I am , I realize something- I’m still bored.

Later: I found that it does have a search bar way down at the bottom.  I still don’t know if I want to keep it.  Thank you for listening to me again.


4 Responses

  1. Hey esmilita! Saw you on whyville a little while ago, and saw you on clubpenguin a day or two ago. Just wondering if you were going to be on either today, if you would go on whyville, I’d like to play you at checkers, if clubpenguin, how about mancala? See you soon,

  2. Another thing, I like the new layout, but isn’t something missing?

  3. Nevermind, just read the post you had. I was thinking about everything being on the left side now instead of the right, but I guess not xD

  4. i love your new theme!!!
    btw: can i be an admin on your site?

    Visit my site anytime soon!
    * right now 😉 *
    ^^don’t like it? no prob, at least check out the pics & edits
    Much ♥
    ~A8o 😛

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